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Passage Planning

For 50 years Witherbys has been involved in industry Passage Planning Guides. Today we maintain relationships with Marine Administration's, Port Authorities and pilotage organisations around the world to maintain and update a series of authoritative Passage Planning Guides.



Witherbys' security publications are written by experts in the practical application of maritime security.


Navigation & ECDIS

The Navigation and ECDIS team is focused around a team of senior navigating officers.

navigation & ecdis

Flag States

Since 2004, Witherbys has been the leading provider of Flag State and Guidance material for the maritime industry.

flag states

Witherby Connect

Witherby Connect is the maritime industry library accessible from your browser.



SHIPMOOR is an easy to use, web based application that facilitates mooring analysis and 3D visualisation of the mooring arrangement.


LNG Port Info

LNG Port Info is a database that collates all the information you need to visit LNG terminals around the world.

LNG Port Info

About Us

Witherbys is a privately owned company that publishes operational guidance and technical standards for the shipping industry, both digitally and physically.


Witherbys’ own titles are developed using scripts written by in-house technical experts that are peer reviewed within work groups.
Typically, they seek to promote understanding of the regulations, recommendations and guidelines issued by the industry.

Witherbys’ reputation for quality publications attracts industry experts to participate in working groups, ensuring technical accuracy and dependable guidance on regulatory compliance.  The working groups, led by our in-house technical advisors, editorial and graphics staff, produce publications that are accurate, relevant and concise. 

Witherbys also works in collaborative partnership with a number of key industry bodies (including BIMCO, CDI, IACS, IMarEST, the International Chamber of Shipping, OCIMF, SIGTTO and the UK Chamber of Shipping) to create specialist publications. Typically, these publications promote an enhanced understanding of the regulations, recommendations and guidelines issued by the industry body or by the IMO.

By keeping abreast of developments across the industry and working with appropriate specialists, Witherbys is able to produce timely and detailed content on matters of current or future focus, such as cyber security and environmental protection.