nav & ECDIS

The Navigation and ECDIS team is focused around a team of senior navigating officers. With access to external expertise and current serving officers, the team is able to produce relevant and up to date guidance that ensures there are no surprises for the seafarer faced with a modern or new bridge setup. Using the company's own expedition vessel as a testbed, the Witherbys team continually updates publications to ensure they maintain their relevance, reflecting any regulatory changes or guidance in the process.

The publications on navigation, with a particular emphasis on ECDIS and passage planning,  have been developed over a period of 20 years, continuously refined and updated to reflect the challenges and demands faced by navigating officers in the global merchant fleet.


Developed and built by our in-house technical director, Johan Machtelinckx, ASNAv is a free celestial navigation software designed for officers and yachtsmen.  

The program calculates the user’s position by means of observations of stars or planets, without the need for a nautical almanac. Together with the lines of position (LOPs), the program computes and plots the most probable position with an ellipse of probability around it. This also includes applications to select the stars to observe and calculate azimuth, rhumb line, Great Circle and ETA.

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